Pipeline for Champion Project

  • Research Riot process and existing champions
  • Come up with base idea that sounds cool
  • Light research and some a lot of idea sketching
  • Revisit research, delve deep
  • Revisit sketches, apply new knowledge
  • Finalise sketches and settle on an idea
  • Play around with colours and poses
  • Paint a rendered version
  • Produce detailed concept sheet
  • Begin sculpting in ZBrush
  • Learn more about sculpting, topology for videogames and rigging
  • Retopologise
  • Rig model
  • UV Mapping
  • Create texture
  • Finish Model
  • Animations for auto-attacks, critical strikes, abilities, idle, walk, run, gate and death
  • Apply vfx to spells and model where necessary
  • Finalise product
  • Create a skin if extra time is available

Below is the Gantt Chart for production of the character. Really unsure how realistic this schedule is and it will probably have to be pushed back due to uni work and the fact that I have to teach myself all of this stuff, but for the sake of self improvement I’m going to try to follow it to the best of my ability.Gantt1Gantt2Gantt3


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