Gun Crazy – Artefact

For our artefact, we were trying to think of something that would be a good way to represent the film. The film itself did not seem to have much implicit depth, and so we initially were unsure of what approach to take. I suggested that we create an investigation scene from the view of the FBI/Police characters in the film who were often unseen. The group liked this idea and everyone seemed on board (pardon the pun).

This project was very much a mass collaboration from the group. Sarah created incredible stylised portraits and supplied a few props such as the coffee mug, license plate, scarf and tickets to the ball which I added further texture to by tearing either edge with a pin repeatedly to give them that “ripped” effect. Jessica created a lot of police sketches of characters that were made to looks similar to the main characters as well as supplying some photographs found online that looked similar to scenes from the film. The two girls also worked on creating fake police reports.

Michael bought some toy guns and went full Adam Savage to weather them and make them look real. He did a fantastic job. Sarah supplied the map and newspaper headlines (which she pulled directly from the film) and I bought some red yarn. Michael and I pieced the board together using a list of locations and their chronological order Sarah had compiled. I supplied an old camera to add to the FBI look, and we also had a box of half eaten donuts on the table (but they didn’t last long).

A lot of thought went in to which props to include and how they should look. We had to imagine what sort of things would the police be able to acquire that belonged to the characters in the film. The scarf can be seen being dropped by Laurie in the film, the license plate was shot during a car chase scene etc. And so I think that the overall finished product is something that boils down the entire “behind the scenes” portion of the film quite well and I’m very proud of my team for their excellent work.


Links to my team’s blogs on this project:





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