Collaboration with Gianni

So I’ve been talking a lot with Gianni from second year and he was showing me a viking model that he’s working on as a personal project. We were having discussions, sharing opinions and showing each other various inspirations that we knew of to help further the project. I was talking to him a bit about concept artists and the industry for them and how it’s something I was interested in, and so he suggested that I could help him out with his design and it would help bolster some of my concept art portfolio, as well as give him some cool ideas to model with.

I started by designing some different axe variants. I did some research in to basic Viking axe shapes while taking inspiration from games like Skyrim as well as from Norse mythology. I tried to incorporate things like Celtic patterns as well as viking runes and imagery whilst playing around with various shapes to get something unique but practical. In time I will design further axe designs as well as armour/swords to match the design.

Gianni Axe

After the axe designs, I decided to get stuck in to a quick full-body sketch based on what Gianni had already modelled, with a few tweaks in places. I added things such as decorative bolts, shoulder plating and chain mail, as well as moving some things around to add more practicality to the design. I will further finish this painting in future and dive in to more variations and details on more intricate designs (such as the antler on his head that is not visible at this angle.)


Gianni also was talking about how he wanted to pose the character, and so I threw together a quick sketch of the pose and how it would look silhouetted. Gianni had originally said that he wanted the flag to fly horizontally instead of vertically, however I suggested that that seemed too “elite” for a viking, and that a vertical banner read more as “this is my land” and he agreed.


Below is an image from Gianni’s Artstation where you can find more angles and progress images of the viking so far.

Here is a link to his blog for development of the project:

I’m really excited to really sink my teeth in to this project, and future projects we have discussed working on. It’s great practice for both of us and he’s doing a fantastic job. His passion for teaching himself has inspired me to start my own small personal project.


Current progress of the model by Gianni Francesco De Giuseppe


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