3D Generalist Research – Ally Albon

So for the first week of term we were asked to research a 3D artist that we liked and for the longest time I sat wondering who I was going to choose. I didn’t want to find someone generic or a huge industry professional, I wanted to find someone who’s work truly had inspired me or made me think “Huh, that’s cool!”. And I found her.

Ally Albon is a 3D generalist and texture artist that I found after I had suddenly remembered an image I caught a glimpse of that really caught my eye. This artist had taken a concept for a fish tank and completely re-imagined it to fit seamlessly in to the Borderlands universe. The reason I loved this piece so much was because of my love for the Borderlands comic-like style and how perfectly Ally had matched it with her re-imagining.


The initial Fish Tank concept

The Borderlands inspired 3D model

Official Borderlands 2 3D model of a Refuelling Station

I’ve included the last image shown above as a reference for style from the Borderlands 2 game to show how close the style is.

Ally has captured the essence of Borderlands perfectly and I would not be surprised to see this featured in the game. Upon looking at her other works I found a model she did of two ‘Mudkip’from Pokemon which I like simply because they are Pokemon (stylistically they’re a little off but they’re still cute):

Two Mudkip swimming by Ally Albon

The works I have highlighted here are definitely areas I would wish to further specialise in once I become more comfortable with 3D work. The ability to turn a concept drawing in to a beautiful model is something I look forward to achieving.

Link to Ally’s ArtStation and Website:




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