Furniture Model

Palette Town – Pokémon Room


For this week’s task we were to model a piece of furniture from our house. We were meant to try and have fun with it, so I put a little twist on the assignment and decided to model the player’s bedroom from ‘Pokémon: Firered Version’. If I want to make something fun, I’ll usually find a way to incorporate Pokémon in to it. Now that I’ve finished the room, there’s a lot I would go back and change. I would remake the bed, blunt edges, attempt to texture the room, add more loose trinkets around the room and try to make it feel more lived in; although I am happy with the result and think it turned out decent for a first attempt. I tried some renders with Arnold pretty much just because it looks good.

palette-town-room-lowpalette-town-room 50Mesh.png

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