Life Drawing – Week 6

So this week was similar to Dirk week with one small difference, the character was the marvelous mad Madame Mim. But this week was directed by M. Night Shyamalan because it had a slight twist; Jackie was late so Robert was our cute little old lady for this week. We started with the usual warmups to get the flow going, and then moved on to drawing Mim.


Mim’s shape was difficult to grasp for me, particularly with the head. I couldn’t find the skull amongst all that animated skin and found her proportions difficult to capture because of her small stature. However, I am very pleased with the fourth image shown below as I think I captured Robert’s pose well and replicated it through Mim. You  can see my gesture sketches of Robert next to Mim so I could understand how to translate the pose to her proportions.



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