So now Animatic week has rolled around and I’m on Tiki Island world for the third week, which I have no problem with at all; some of my team mates have also been on this world before so we were used to the idea of the world which allowed us to brainstorm easier. We were set one week to create the animatic. It was to be 30 seconds long, with sound and in colour. In the end, we decided to opt out for the colour in order to save time.


Holly, Darcy and I stayed behind after life drawing class to brainstorm and storyboard our animatic so we could assign tasks.We decided to run with a chase scene with again more of my inspiration for this project being Peter Jackson’s King Kong, in particular the dinosaur stampede scene.


We decided on a shot list and storyboard, and divided up the scenes amongst each other to do. Everyone set to work drawing up their scenes and I volunteered to compile everything in the end. One challenge we encountered was that half of the group was working digitally where as the other half were working traditionally. This required a lot more effort on my end when creating the final product as I had to do a lot of Photoshop editing to the traditional pieces before they  were ready for use in Premiere. After a painful all-nighter I was able to create an animatic with a hopefully easy to read narrative. Darcy provided help by finding and downloading a lot of the sounds that went in to the final product. Speaking of the final product *BOOP*:


Some of the feedback we were given was that the character’s movements could have been broken down in to more steps to show how the character would behave. Mike had also pointed out that some of the sound effects were unclear, such as confusing the footstep sounds for arrows that were off-screen. However we were complimented on the fact that all of the shots blended nicely, and commended on our exploration of unique camera angles and perspectives. Overall I believe the project was a success and I am happy with the outcome!

**Insert Stills**



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